SuperTracker Wheel Alignment

Most popular aligner on the market
No Roll Back or Run Out required
As Driven Readings
No Special vehicle lifts required

Laser standard equipment
2 x Measuring Heads
1 x Pair Wheel Hangers 12" to 18"
1 x Pair Wheel Hangers 14" to 24"
2 x Rear Scales
1 x Steering Wheel Lock
1 x Pair Turn Plate Bases
1 x Pair Dished Turn Plates
1 x Auto Data Chart
1 x Instruction Book
1 x Wall mounted storage unit c/w
  charging system
1 x Illuminated wall mounted display light box
1 Years Warranty

Optional Extra’s
Rim Button Extensions
Bearing Turn Plates
Run Up Ramps
Castor / Camber Upgrade Kit
Off Road Wheel Hangers
Low Spoiler Wheel Hangers
Cam Bolts
Auto Data Book

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